EUROWALKER – Our 6 horse panel walker is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for rehabilitation as well as training.  The horses can walk/trot/canter in both directions with exceptional footing for lower leg stability and health.    The options are endless with the Eurowalker and each horse has an individual protocol according to their needs.





Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulator – FES therapy is an exceptional therapy for muscle health.  Many horses that are having performance issues as well as injuries benefit from FES therapy.   FES helps stimulate deep muscles and encourages healthy muscle function.   FES is great for relieving deep muscle spasms as well as back/neck pain.







Dry Salt Vapor Chamber – Our dry salt vapor chamber helps horses with improve lung function.   The dry salt chamber opens up airways and draws out mucous and other toxins from the horses lungs.   This therapy is great for horses that are bleeders as well as coughs.






Whole body vibration therapy is a great way to increase bone density as well as increase circulation.   Vibration therapy is good for hoof problems, as it increases circulation in the hoof which increases hoof growth.  Originally designed for astronauts to help with bone health, the equine designed platform has shown to help with bone density as well as several other issues.







Pegasus Therapeutic Laser – Our 15 watt, Class IV therapeutic laser is one of the most powerful lasers available today.   Laser therapy is quickly becoming one of the most sought after therapeutic modalities because is it effective for a wide range of problems.  Laser therapy decreases pain and inflammation as well as increases healing in tissues.   Laser therapy has shown to decrease healing time by 40%.  Laser therapy heals “better” with less proud flesh, scar tissue and better fiber alignment.